your bathroom is not ventilated and the towel s are not completely

your bathroom is not ventilated and the towel s are not completely

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(2) if your bathroom is not ventilated and the towels are not completely wrung out after each use, the moisture will be stored at the bottom of the towels, the lower edge of the towels will be moldy, and the towels will naturally smell or even yellowing.

Are you tired of your clean clothes becoming tainted by damp towels or a spilled bottle of lotion? Mesh bags come to the rescue once again! These bags offer excellent protection for your belongings while still allowing ventilation. The breathable material prevents any unpleasant smells from staying trapped and eliminates the risk of mold or mildew developing in your bag. Say goodbye to that musty smell that often accompanies unpacking after a long journey.

You must be curious about what is in this “welcome gift”? There are baby jumpsuits, open-crotch pants of the same color, blankets, sleeping bags, snow suits, hats, heat preservation gloves, short boots, pullovers and knitted suspenders, nail Clippers, combs, toothbrushes, bath thermometers, baby hip cream, towels, cloth diapers and gauze diapers, tooth grinding toys, picture books. It is really unimaginable that this “welcome gift” is so careful that the items that the baby can use have been installed, which really makes mothers worry a lot less.

Now, in fact, many export enterprises will have such a problem, that is, things that are obviously qualified standards, but after going abroad, there will be all kinds of problems, is it also like towels? it is obviously something that meets the standard, and some values have changed in other places or in other places because of the different acidity and alkalinity of the local water quality, which seems to have become unqualified products in other places. Is it very helpless?

Therefore, parents should often take their children to outdoor activities. However, it should be noted that children should wipe towels in time when sweating during activities. The above are the matters that parents should pay attention to when taking care of their young children. Our kindergarten will also take measures in day care according to the season. I hope to cultivate healthy children with the joint efforts of the house and the garden.