of wood, with a stack of white towel s on the side,

of wood, with a stack of white towel s on the side,

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After infection, you should be isolated at home to avoid infecting others. Please cooperate with parents to do a good job of home isolation and resume classes only 3 days after the disappearance of symptoms. Patients engaged in the catering industry or recessive infection need to test negative for norovirus nucleic acid in feces or anal swabs twice in a row before they can take up the post. Try not to eat with your family during the isolation break at home, use independent tableware, towels and other daily necessities, and disinfect them in time after use. At home, especially in the bathroom, you should pay attention to cleanliness and good ventilation. Return to Sohu to see more

Nursing is separate, Yougu and Lu Xiao each have a room. The valley has been here once, so he is no stranger to everything here, but Lu Xiao is full of curiosity. It seems that Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden and looked left and right. There was a large massage bed and a large bathtub next to it. It was also made of wood, with a stack of white towels on the side, and a pretty girl in red tights came over with a smile to undress her and bathe her. While Lu Xiao was at the mercy of the girl, he sighed in his heart that this place was really luxurious and luxurious, and that she would come again in the future.

Our bathroom is the place where we spend the longest time every day besides the bed, so some small details of the bathroom can also change our sense of experience, even the selection and installation of an electric towel rack should not be careless. this is the time to enjoy coming home every day!

If the staircase has burnt out and the flame has not yet spread to the room, you should quickly return to the room and close the doors and windows, close the doors and windows with wet quilts and towels, and pour water on the burning doors and windows, so as to reduce its temperature and prevent smoke from entering. Then use the communication tools that may be used to call the police for assistance, or send a distress signal from the balcony and street-facing windows. The flashlight can be used to shake back and forth at night to show the location of the rescue target. For more information, please see LCD

Conservation work: although it is already a middle shift, the conservation work is still put in the first place by us. Aunt Wang does it every day, and the activity room, bathroom and toilet are dragged clean and clean every day. Usually children use tableware, forks, towels and other disinfection work is more serious and meticulous, never omitted. She always pays attention to the clothes of children wearing unplugged pants, often reminding them that it is time to put on their clothes or take off their clothes. The advice put forward by the health care doctor can be accepted modestly, completed according to the standard, and consistently adhered to, to check or not to check the same sample, in her own words, this is a job of conscience, I will do a good job according to my conscience.

Finally, whether it is a May Day outing or a picnic in the park, the most important thing is to do a good job of eliminate virus. Although the epidemic has been brought under control, it should be treated with caution and carry sanitary products such as sterilized paper towels and hand sanitizers with you. Fendi recently launched a convenient and hygienic fashion kit made of leather and paired with spray bottles for alcohol or hand sanitizer. It can not only improve the health coefficient, but also bring some ingenuity to the picnic.

With the smart home, our life has become all kinds of comfortable and easy, especially the function of liberating hands, this electric towel rack is also indispensable! If you are busy at work, you can use the artificial intelligence speaker to open the electric towel rack and dry the towel clothes. Inconvenient to go out to play can also open Mini Program, the use of WiFi intelligent thermostat configuration connection is successful, and then can set the temperature and time online operation, it is the beauty and strength of the electric towel rack!