large flat lawn, green like a large blanket , there is no

large flat lawn, green like a large blanket , there is no

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In the lazy afternoon, take a nap in the tent, and the picnic blanket inadvertently brings a little surprise, whether with a moistureproof inflatable mattress or an inflatable bed, it can add points to the exquisite atmosphere in the account.

Metal decorative mesh has the function of regulating light, temperature and low noise. It can be based on the utilization of the room and to be used to regulate the indoor light, in order to prevent direct glare. The metal decoration net of different texture can block the outdoor hot and cold atmosphere and excrete into the room at a certain level, especially in summer, it can be used to shade and insulate. Another function of metal curtains is to use them to reduce noise. Silk, plush and thin blankets are all good sound absorbing materials, which can better cut off the noise. Bamboo curtains and metal blinds can not only block the sun, but also ventilate. These two kinds of curtains are favored by people in summer.

Also known as solar greenhouse greenhouse, is a unique type of greenhouse in northern China, even in the coldest season, you can also rely on the gathering temperature of the sun during the day, at night through the heat preservation of cotton blankets to maintain a certain temperature level in the greenhouse, such as the northeast region, in the external 20 ℃ weather, you can still achieve the warmth effect of 8-10 ℃. The structure of the solar greenhouse is obviously different from that of the cold greenhouse and the greenhouse. The working area in the greenhouse usually sinks 0.5-1m, the north thermal insulation rear wall, the sunny steel frame covered with plastic sheet and cotton felt, and the single side is between 1.5 mu and 3 mu. The cost of the greenhouse is high, with an average cost of more than 50,000 yuan per mu.

Majiawan Wetland Park is very close to the center of Beijing. it is very big, with rivers, large green spaces and flowers. It is very suitable for camping in tents, and it is very pleasant to have a picnic with a blanket anywhere.

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The delivery cycle of industrial electric blanket can be 7 working days according to different customer requirements, such as tank or pipe size, required maintenance temperature, * limit temperature, power requirement, working voltage, etc., various specifications of electric blanket (film) can be customized, which can be used for anti-freezing of industrial tank and pipe or heat preservation electric heating element itself to automatically limit temperature and self-adjust

Coming down from the mountains and oceans, there are luxuriant plants near the Baixi Reservoir Dam, green mountains and rivers, and the reflection of the White Bridge, overlooking the Feilong Bridge across the lake like a white rainbow, which is also a perfect picture. Under the dam there is a large flat lawn, green like a large blanket, there is no shelter such as village houses, the view is very good, and you can fly kites or set up tents here. On the natural “big green blanket”, put on the picnic mat with fresh colors, enjoy the scenery while having a picnic, enjoy the natural spring light of Tianhe Village with friends, and start a leisure “lazy picnic”!

It is necessary to determine the use temperature of fire-resistant and thermal insulation fiber according to the specific fuel used in the kiln. If it is used in the reducing furnace gas, it is necessary to use the aluminum silicate blanket with high purity synthetic material as the industrial kiln wall lining material, and apply anticorrosive coating. If you use the product in an environment containing corrosive substances such as a kiln atmosphere, in addition, in order to make the thermal insulation material have the same insulation effect in a reducing atmosphere, we also need to calculate the thickness of the wall lining according to the composition of the reducing atmosphere to avoid any problems in the working process.

For car enthusiasts, the most common product is sweet soda. They use it to remove rust, clean hub covers, wipe tires, clean battery brackets and perform other operations. You can also use it to clean up insects, and the acid in this drink helps fight dry biomaterials. But after use, the machine must be thoroughly washed with water to remove sugar from lemonade. However, we can also purify it with diet soda. The best way to get rid of insects is to use household floor cleaners. You can dilute it with a bucket of warm water, then clean the car body and windshield with a sponge and rag. If the insect is dry, you can soak the natural fabric in aqueous solution and put it on the hood of the car to ensure safety. Wet blankets must lie in the shade of the car for hours or all night, and then wet stains can be easily washed away by water and soft rags.