10 minutes, wrap it with a hot towel for 30 minutes,

10 minutes, wrap it with a hot towel for 30 minutes,

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When children are at home, parents should ensure that their children work and rest regularly, eat healthily and learn while playing, so that children can develop good hygiene habits in their daily life, such as encouraging children to wash their hands frequently, especially when coughing or sneezing, cover their mouth and nose with handkerchiefs, paper towels or elbow clothes, throw contaminated paper towels into covered trash cans immediately, and wash hands carefully with soap running water. Family members do not share towels and mouthwash cups, so that each person has a cup; adults do not share tableware with children, use tableware spoons, wash the tableware carefully after meals, it is best to cook the tableware for 10 minutes; take good care of the environment, do not spit, do not litter …… Let every child understand that the cultivation of good living habits is an important way to improve the ability of self-protection and protect the body from infringement, so as to become conscious behavior, so that good habits can be gradually formed.

two。 Nursing teachers strictly abide by the hygiene and cleaning system, adhere to daily cleaning, weekly small sweep, monthly sweep, provide a hygienic, clean and bright environment for young children; adhere to the daily disinfection system, fixed-point disinfection of towels, tableware and teacups, and regular disinfection in dormitory and classroom to provide children with a sterile, harmless and pollution-free environment.

Continue kneading for about 10 minutes until the dough becomes smooth, elastic, and no longer sticks to your hands. If it feels a bit too wet, you can add a little more flour, but do so gradually to avoid making the dough too dense. Shape the dough into a ball and place it into a clean, lightly oiled bowl, covering it with a damp kitchen towel. Let it rise in a warm, draft-free spot for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, or until it has doubled in size.

3. Let it rise: Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a damp kitchen towel and let the dough rise at room temperature for 12-18 hours. This long rest period allows the gluten to strengthen gradually and develop its characteristic flavor.

In order to avoid having to look around after taking a bath, we prepare the necessary items and put them on the chair next to the baby before washing the baby. For example: a pair of clean cotton gloves, towels, baby bath towels, shampoo, shower gel, cotton balls, diapers, clean clothes and so on.

The head teachers educated the students on fire safety knowledge before the exercise. With the sound of the fire alarm, the head teachers and floor commanders went to the class quickly, calmly directed the students to cover their mouths and noses with wet towels, put their bodies as low as possible, and evacuated the teaching building in an emergency. Evacuate to the school playground in a safe, rapid and orderly manner.

According to a relative, the teacher who caused the accident drove an electric car. after he came out of the underground garage, he parked the car where the children were playing, ready to pick up the other two teachers. At that time, there were more than 20 children on the court, all of whom were putting paper airplanes, and one of them landed next to the car, so our children helped to pick it up. All of a sudden, the car started and knocked down the child, the front wheel ran over the first time, then the car stopped for a while, and the brake lights could be seen on the monitor. The child was run over between the front and rear wheels, then the car restarted, and the rear wheel ran over for the second time. According to the relative, after the incident, the other two teachers got out of the car and left, and other students at the scene also left, leaving only the teacher standing at the scene to wipe the blood with a towel.

Hair spray and essential oil are also a little different in use. the use of essential oil is to apply the prepared essential oil to the root of the hair before shampoo, massage for 5 to 10 minutes, wrap it with a hot towel for 30 minutes, add a small amount of essential oil to the shampoo, apply it to the dry hair after foaming, and finally rinse it with water.

Glasses are made up of lenses and frames. There are 15 kinds of myopic glasses, myopic glasses, presbyopic glasses and astigmatism glasses, flat glasses, computer goggles, goggles, swimming goggles, night vision goggles, e-sports game goggles, e-sports goggles, goggles, sunglasses, toy glasses and sunglasses. There are also special glasses for 3D images or virtual reality images. The variety of glasses in Fuzhou includes goggles, sunglasses, swimming goggles and so on, providing all kinds of protection for the eyes. Modern glasses are usually equipped with nose braces in the middle of the lenses and cushions where your arms are resting on your ears. People who like to be beautiful or are not used to wearing glasses can choose to correct their eyesight with contact lenses. At present, the best-selling market of ultra-fine fiber towels is not only increasing in categories, but also showing a multi-angle development trend in product design and function development.

Combined with the new health care system, we conscientiously do a good morning check, review and check, do a good job in taking medicine for young children, and carefully check the name, drug name, dosage and time of taking it, so as to avoid causing harm to young children; put an end to the prevalence and spread of infectious diseases, isolate immediately upon discovery, and persist in ultraviolet disinfection every week in order to reduce the infection rate; put in place a sanitary disinfection system to prevent the disease from entering through the mouth. Wash and disinfect towels and mouth cups every day, wipe the easy-to-touch places of children with disinfectant: piano, tape recorder, table, corner cabinet, etc., disinfect toys once a week, expose books once a week, change pillowcases every half a month, quilts are exposed in time, and cooperate with health care doctors to do a good job of physical examination to make children grow up healthily and happily.

In Xinqing Village, Gaoyang County, the reporter found a company specializing in the production of towel yarn. The reporter saw that there are many swimming pools in the factory workshop, which is the raw material for spinning towels. Some people are also polluted by green spots. Is there one to go? It ticks and the impurities inside are clearly visible. The person in charge, Director Feng, told reporters that some raw materials are recycled cotton. Recycled cotton in the industry refers to various follow-up articles, straw movies, and some textile factory sons, and then flows that it has become recycled cotton or recycled cotton. This cotton is cheaper than the new cotton. Gao Yang and the people around him have produced wires for the towel factory, each producing less than 100 tons. More than 100t, so, these recycled cotton, how zhiliao?